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5 Steps to Elevate Customer Experience

5 Steps to Elevate

Blog Post

Examining the role of customer journey mapping in enhancing customer communications


Jamey Gentry, Director
Marketing Communications

Companies from all industries are facing customer communications challenges, an area that is both dynamic and evolving. In the past, we’ve seen the minimum requirement change from a single channel to multichannel to cross-channel. Now, not only are we tasked with managing omnichannel communications, but we also need to deliver them based on customer preferences, while continuing to meet increasingly complex compliance regulations and security standards. That’s quite a tall order. Yet in order to stay competitive and boost customer loyalty, enterprise organizations must do that — and strive to elevate the customer experience. We’ve outlined five steps you can take to help achieve this goal.

Before you start
You’ll want to summarize everything you know about your current and potential customers. This will allow you to create customer personas. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Why do customers choose us over our competitors?
  • Why do customers stay?
  • Why do customers leave?
  • What are customers saying to Customer Service and on social media?

To fill in what you don’t know or want to confirm, consider surveying current and former customers to get a pulse reading on the situation. You must have qualitative data to make informed decisions.

Step 1: Set Goals
Develop goals and align them with your company’s overall objectives. Examples include enhancing digital strategies and improving paperless adoption.

Step 2: Define Aspirations
Take into account your customers’ needs and wants, as well as the anticipated benefits to your company. You’ll typically find a few quick wins, while others require strategic investment.  

Step 3: Prioritize Findings
Using the risk vs. reward concept will help you prioritize your findings. Consider performance, cost, risk and time to uncover the true value of these efforts.

Step 4: Execute Customer Journey Mapping
Almost everyone in your company can use customer journey maps to guide day-to-day decisions that will improve customer experience.

Step 5: Measure and Monitor
Customer experience isn’t a single moment in time and customer journey mapping isn’t a one-and-done process. Even small incremental steps can move your company in the right direction and closer to the elevated experience you’re seeking … and your customers demand.


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