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College Recruiting Fairs: Stand out from the crowd to recruit the best and brightest



Blog Post

How to Attract Fresh Talent by Differentiating Your Company


Peter Eberly, Director
Product and Vertical Marketing

Love them or hate them, recruitment fairs can be a great opportunity to add to your team. One of the best places to recruit young, sharp talent can be a college recruitment fair.

If you’re one of the more than 74 percent of companies looking to recruit graduates, it’s important that you don’t get lost in the shuffle of all the other businesses who also want to add to their talent pool.

Stand out from the crowd

Differentiating yourself from the crowded field of employers is critical if you want to attract the best talent to your company. There’s no shortage of things you can do to make these employees feel valuable once they’ve signed on with you.

Read more about how to make employees feel valued in our post, “Creating an Outstanding Employee Experience.”

Before you can get to that point, though, you’ve got to showcase your company in the best light to get prospects interested in you.

What can you do to stand out a college recruiting fair? Follow these tips to highlight your brand and attract talent:

  • Make sure you’ve got a dynamic display. Booth designs are one of the first things people notice when they are at a recruiting fair and quite honestly, not all designs will work for all audiences. Remember who you are trying to court and create an interesting and eye-catching display that’s geared toward someone just graduating from college.
  • Think about other ways to attract students to your booth or display. Having raffles or drawings may seem overdone but students will stop by to enter.
  • Leave plenty of time for set up. It does not reflect well on your company if you are still setting up as people are arriving.
  • Are your marketing materials tailored to the recent graduate? They should be. Consider what would be appealing to a college graduate about working for your company and make sure that’s reflected in the marketing materials you share.
  • Remember that not all campuses are the same. Customizing your materials by using a university’s logo or mascot can show that you’re truly invested in that school.
  • Have giveaways that are appealing. College students probably aren’t going to be interested in office supplies but portable chargers may hit just the right note. Think about your audience.
  • Be genuine in your approach and prepared to answer questions. College students probably won’t have spent a lot of time researching your company. They may not have even heard about your company so there’s a good chance they’ll need more information. It’s important to be open and listen to what they are interested in. Nothing is worse than feeling like you’re being talked down to by someone at a recruiting fair.
  • How else can you connect with students while you’re on campus? Cultivate relationships with job placement officials and professors who teach in areas of interest to your company. While the recruitment fair may be the centerpiece of your visit, it’s possible to make real and true connections with candidates in off-fair settings.

Competition is steep for students graduating from college. You can bet that your competitors will be trying to think of ways to woo the brightest talent in these situations. Innovative displays, giveaways, promotional materials and an authentic connection are key ways to differentiate yourself.


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