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Fashion-Forward Branded Apparel Makes Dress Codes Obsolete

Branded Apparel
makes dress codes

Blog Post

Simplifying the company dress code


Mark Keeton, Vice President
Solution Management

There was a time when every company had a dress code. The way an employee dressed could be considered the hallmark of their professionalism. Women wore hats and stockings and men wore suits.

As business and fashion have evolved, though, so has workplace attire. Gone are the days of heels and three-piece suits. Instead, companies have taken a more lenient approach to dress codes. Yes, some businesses require employees to wear uniforms but in most professional settings, business casual rules.

Today’s employees are influenced by the Mark Zuckerberg’s of the world — billionaires who wear hooded sweatshirts daily — or by spotting the latest fashions on Instagram.

What’s an employer to do? Branded apparel solves most company dress code concerns. Not a uniform but also not too casual, branded apparel serves as a way to project a professional image and reinforce branding.

“There’s a strain of thought that says an employee represents a company, and thus dress is not about personal expression, but company expression. But there’s a counterargument that believes because we identify so much with our careers, we should be able to be ourselves at work.” — Susan Scafidi, law professor at Fordham University and founder of the Fashion Law Institute in The New York Times

Not all employees are eager to wear company branded apparel but there are some key ways to make the process more appealing:

  • Fashion apparel that can be worn at work and outside of work.
  • Stay on trend. Identify fashion forward styles.
  • Pay for quality. You wouldn’t be excited about wearing polyester. Don’t expect your employees to either.
  • Make it easy for employees to get new and interesting pieces of apparel. An online marketplace makes it simple for employees to find new styles already customized for your company.

2019 Trends to Watch

  • Weekend essentials: A soft, wear anytime, anywhere look provides brand awareness inside and outside the office.
  • The ombre look: Graduated color from light to dark is on point. The ombre technique can provide a wide range of style from simple and subtle to bold and dramatic.
  • Pay attention to details: The possibilities are endless when it comes to apparel decoration. Try using gel, glitter, flock transfers, molded metallic, HD silicone transfers, mixed media or simulated stitch to enhance your custom apparel.

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