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How to be a Procurement Rock Star

How to be a
rock star

Blog Post

Combine trendy apparel options with supply chain efficiency

Daffner_David 11-19-18

David Daffner, Vice President
Managed Services

Do you sometimes feel like an unappreciated roadie? You deal with the pressure and stress of ensuring your band of coworkers perform at their best. If you don’t, the show doesn’t go on — at least not as efficiently as it should. Isn’t it time you got some applause of your own?

Here’s one area where you can shine: apparel. Offer employees the latest trends in workplace apparel and clothing gift items from an intuitive website that delivers an Amazon-like experience.

Give ‘em what they want

From T-shirts and hats to button-down shirts and jackets, your first objective is the highest quality at the best value. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have style too. Ensure you’re working with a partner who can offer you apparel options that reflect today’s top trends, such as:

  1. Wear It on the Weekend

Extend the reach of your brand when employees love their apparel so much, they enjoy wearing it anytime, not just at work. Find the perfect garments for your apparel or gift programs that provide recipients with a weekend vibe they’ll want to wear everywhere. 

  1. Shades of Ombre

Derived from the French word ombrer, ombre means to shade or shadow. This style gradually adds color from light to dark on hard surfaces and fabrics. This technique gives a fresh, modern look to traditional apparel items. It can be applied for a range of styles from simple and subtle to bold and dramatic. 

  1. Decked Out Decorations

Looking to add a wow factor to your collection? Decoration methods can elevate your brand and accentuate your logo and marketing message. New trends include gel, glitter, flock transfers, molded metallic, HD silicone transfers, mixed media and simulated stitching.

Make ordering easy

With a more contemporary clothing catalog, all you need now is a complementary company store. Look for a vendor who can offer flexible functionality for different user types and robust reporting analytics. Once you pair trendy apparel with the right ordering site, you’ll be a supply chain superstar!


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